Previous races

  • 3. October 2015 in Karlsruhe-Durlach (D) at Kart & Eventcenter
  • 27. February 2016 in Berlin (D) in Kart & Eventcenter at Ostbahnhof
  • 7. May 2016 in Breda (NL) at Kartcenter Lot66 in Gageldonk
  • 27. August 2016 in Maximiliansau( D) openening of Kart & Eventcenter at Karlsruhe
  • 22. October 2016 in Gent (B) at eKart in Doc-Noord Center
  • 28. January 2017 in Berlin (D) , Kart & Eventcenter at Ostbahnhof
  • 29. April 2017 in Osnabrück-Haste at Nettedrom (close to Nettebad)
  • 26. August 2017 in Karlsruhe-Durlach at Kart- & Eventcenter

Next races in 2017

  • 30. September 2017  in Danzig (PL) at Pitstop in Stadion Energa
  • 4. November 2017 in Gent (B) at eKart in Doc-Noord Center

Next races in 2018


  • 30. January 2018  in Berlin (D) at Kart & Eventcenter in Berlin-Marzahn
  • 31. March 2018 in Osnabrück-Haste at Nettedrom (close to Nettebad)


This schedule is only preliminary and can be altered slightly.

The idea

The idea of staging a Formula E already came into being in 2010. At the time this was to take place on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife together with our partner "Scuderia Hanseat".

However, various  circumstances such as changing tenancies at the "Ring", different people involved in our partner's activities and the emergence of a major series of races with the same name delayed these plans.

Now we are ready. The racing series for electrical vehicles in Europe is here.

The series

The Formula E ® is revving up.

It will give drivers and manufactures the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and their technical "know how".