Am 30. September 2017 ist es endlich soweit. Die Formula E ®  findet erstmalig in der Polnischen Stadt Gdansk (Danzig) statt. Die Rennbahn befindet sich im neuen markanten Fußballstadion.

Der Ort des Geschehens:


ul. Pokoleń Lechii Gdańsk 1
80-560 Gdańsk



Die Strecke  -   405 m Indoor.

Strecke und Karts


PITSTOP-GDANSK electric fleet is represented by 16 go-karts, produced by a world leader, OTL. Go-karts have the powerful motors up to 16 HP. They guarantee a thrilling race and a doze of positive emotions for everybody who has a bent for driving. Every vehicle has 6 levels of speed assigned with dependency on the type of the membership card and the personal skills of each driver. We use 4 levels on our circuit and the last level has an additional KERS function which can accelerate go-kart for 10 seconds.


Remote control guarantees safety on the track. It gives possibility to slow or stop any number of participants of the race during only one second and adjust the steady speed to individual driver skills.

Maximum fun – because of driving with dynamics and better performance than the petrol go-karts.


The reverse gear lets you drive smoothly with no need to stop the go-kart when crash happens.

Infinite pleasure to measure in numbers:


– approximately 3400 m2 area of the indoor track with opportunity to increase it with the outside

part (2000 m2) – available only in good weather conditions


– 400 metres of technical track configuration, which helps organise team building races, birthday races or stag parties on the highest professional level and gives you the extreme dose of adrenaline and emotions.


The track is equipped with the LED board which shows you the current lap times and traffic lights, which motivates to break the records!

Der Rennort visuell:

Was kostet der Spass?

Die Nenngebühr ist 59,-- Sloty bei Anmeldung bis zum 15. September.

Die Nenngebührt ist 69,- Sloty bei Anmeldung zwischen 15. und 30. September.

Zeitrahmen fürs Rennen:


Anmeldeformalitäten und Einteilung für Qualify und Aufwärmrennen 14:45 - 15:25



12:30 - 12:38         1. Qualifying Gruppe,  8 Minuten Aufwärmrennen


12:43 - 12:51         2. Qualifying Gruppe,  8 Minuten Aufwärmrennen


12:56 - 13:04        3. Qualifying Gruppe,  8 Minuten Aufwärmrennen


13:09 - 13:17        4. Qualifying Gruppe,  8 Minuten Aufwärmrennen



Qualifying  startet, Pause 13:17 - 13:30 h



13:30 - 13:38         1. Qualifying (es zählt die beste Rundenzeit des Piloten)


13:43 - 13:51         2. Qualifying (8 Minuten)


13:56 - 14:04         3. Qualifying (8 Minuten)


14:09 - 14:17         4. Qualifying (8 Minuten)


Pause und Einteilung in Finalgruppen     14:17 - 14:30 h 


14:30 - 14:38        D   Finale (10 Runden)


14:43 - 14:51         C  Finale (10 Runden)


14:56 - 15:04         B Finale (10 Runden)


15:09 - 15:17         A Finale (10 Runden) Der Fahrer mit der besten Qualify-Zeit                                                                                    startet hierbei in der Poolposition


Pause und Auswertung   15:17 - 15:30


15:30 - 15:40         Siegerehrung



  ... ist Gastgeber der Formula E ®